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Students! You'll find some great resources here.
I offer in-person weekend group tutoring sessions (typically Sundays from 12:30-3:30) for local students. Get 3 or 4 other students together, book a day, and we can go over anything - Point Location, Needling Techniques, Diagnosis- whatever you need! Classes are $210 for 3 hours.

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ACU 101

First Class

Here are some slides from your first class in ACU 101 - the basics.

These were put together by Nicholas Duchnowski

Blank Acupunctureman

ACU 101

Blank Figures

Here are some images of blank figures that you can use to map out Primary channels, deep pathways, Divergent channels, Connecting (Luo) channels, Sinew channels, and Extraordinary Vessels. You can also plot acupuncture points.

Cun Measurement handout

ACU 101

Cun Measurements

Here are all your established Cun Distances on one page. These are taken directly from your Manual of Acupuncture.

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